Solar System Model animated, interactive and immersive 3D VR model

What I did

  • This was one of the biggest challanges to make all the moons and planets have been written into the code divided into different orbits and orbiting around sun at the same time. The project consists of over 140 individual spheres moving through black space at timing, distance, and size each differently scaled to make it even possible to percieve from the user-side of experience. The project lets you literally fly through the solar system and observe the behaviour of planets as in a planetarium. You can view the project also without the vr glasses, in your browser in 3D mode where you can also read interesting facts about the planets, you can also see the data scaling and even the source code on glitch.

Libraries / Tools

  • aframe.js
  • Javascript
  • html
  • css


Solar System online VR