What I did:

  • Create and publish a desktop program that takes an image file as input and creates a sound sample based on the colour values of each pixel in the image. It contains a graphic interface for changing the algorithm that is responsible for mapping the values into sounds. You can experiment around with the values of frequency, sampling rate, number of channels, and sample width. There is also a console.log style window reporting on the time passed for each actions, the program needs your system to include Tk and TCL libraries that are present or most operating systems, otherwise you will get an error logging the directories the program is searching for the libraries, you can download the exact same versions of both TK and TCL from their official sites, then copy and paste the folders into the paths from the terminal and that should fix the problem and the program will run. You can also read the full description in the papers section under the title Sounds of RGB.

Libraries / Tools:

  • Python
  • Tkinter
  • PIL
  • Wave
  • Pyaudio
  • Numpy
  • Struct
  • Time


  • soon more papers, and materials, output sounds and research will be published as well as the program itself for download for both windows and mac/linux, stay tuned!
  • i also plan to make it open source this time soon the repository will be ready.

Download Program(coming soon…) →

RGB Sounds