Puuf - App & VR Game

What I did:

  • Created and published a minimalistic android catalog application for puuf.dk products grouped by categories, with contact information and social media links.
  • Some months later they asked me to make them a VR game for their 5 year anniversary party.I programmed the VR game in which you have to find and catch the balls in the given time, if you don’t then you loose and the balls freeze. Then you have to start over again and try to be faster! You can play online in 3D mode in your browser if you don’t have the VR glasses, good luck!

Libraries / Tools:

  • Java
  • Android studio
  • aframe.js
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Processing
  • CSS


  • The 3D models used in the game were provided by Puuf.dk



Puuf Android App and VR game