- website and PGWA created with gatsby.js and react.js

What I did:

  • Developed, and maintaining the website for a startup focused on translating polish e-commerce product descriptions for international markets. The website was developed using the tools listed below, i also created most of the graphics myself including the logotype, the sceneries, characters and banners i am still working on this website, it is about 1 month old, i am planning on adding expanded graphics, stretching the layouts and changing the colors to chosen by the client. It works also as a progressive web app but the option is still in beta. It is fully responsive and scores 80-100 in all lighthouse audits, it also is super-fast - loads under 1 second with a minimalistic cms by netlify for a nice and smooth blogging experience from the frontend side.

Libraries / Tools:

  • Javascript
  • gatsby.js
  • React.js
  • JSX
  • Less
  • node.js
  • svg graphics
  • git
  • bash
  • google analytics


  • maintained with github hosting on linux amd virtual machines on netlify servers running node.js