& visual arts:

A wide variety of my different visual arts including: algorithmic, hand-drawn, digitally processed, vector graphics, animation, photography, branding and video.

· The animated pattern - a caleidoscopic immersive projection, for scenography purposes. Hand-drawn on tablet, frame by frame animated. consisting 40 different objects closed in small surrealistic loops of movement and interaction.

· algorithmically generated graphics, depicting the bit (1 or 0) structure of the input files, written in python, the files used for input vary on the format including .png, .html, .ttf, .m4a, .php. The outcome for each file is different, resulting in an interesting image generator script, i also used the output images later to reproduce the no-signal white noise tv effect. You can read more about the project here.

· Hand-drawn, frame by frame animated short. Minimalistic workshop animation with shapeshifting and transformations with a flow-inspired abstract narration.

· small gif animation loops, perfect for websites.

· back and front of an A2 format infographic streetart guide with map and descriptions that i made during my studies in Wrocław. It contains 15 spots full of street art, with locations, info about the authors and their works, and photographs that i taken myself.

· Brand visual identification for Sine Metu Tattoo - a custom logotype and a set of other designs, including brand items, business cards, t-shirts, a hat and also web designs.

· character design for a public school mural, hand-drawn then colored digitaly.

· Lion logotype design and visualisations.

· A futuristic vector city pattern, created from 3 puzzle pieces that you can see below, It can be expanded infinitely by combining the three pieces together.

· Bottle design for Fruity smoothies.

· Photography services & post processing.

· Custom artworks - contact us for details.

· Video mash-up of police brutality cases and informations about the topic. The videos are found footage from the internet, the sound has been created with my image to sound converter. Created for the International Documentary Festival in Kalamata Greece, during a 5 day video workshop with Iara Lee. Contains very brutal scenes watch - responsibly.