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Puuf Android App & VR game
image to sound converter
Sound to Image Converter
solar system animated model in virtual reality
Solar System VR

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Remote Bootcamp

I will teach you how to create websites, games, mobile apps, desktop programs or virtual reality!

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What I teach?

  • It has been 5 years since I started coding, i am a self-learnear that kept learning everyday a litlle as well as not missing any chance to work.
    In that time i gained a lot of experience and knowledge that i will be happy to pass on as a part-time work.

    I can teach you javascript , html, css - the classic web stack.
  • When you learn that, then we move to more advanced javascript frameworks: p5.js & React.js.
  • Aframe - if you are interested particulary in virtual reality.
  • Wordpress - if you want to become a blogger or set up an e-commerce website and manage it.
  • Python - if you need programming for data analysis or scientific research.
  • Unity - if you would like to create awesome games!

javascript html css p5.js react.js aframe python wordpress unity

The full course covers everything you need to become a real programmer, as well as the basics of graphic design.

Remote coding classes for adults and children, real-time multi-user coding with voiceover.
I teach you by building real full-stack projects with you.

I use Glitch for real time coding with you and Hangouts for voiceover and screen-sharing.
I use Processing for the first steps that is easy to use and understand even for kids.

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CodeMinimal SketchWeb Fonts

Color Interface

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